Thursday, July 9, 2015


Everyone loves a good everyday neutrals palette but it is made even better when you have the ability to customise what goes into it, picking and choosing the order and colour combinations. 

MAC give you the freedom to create your perfect palette, where you are the creator of mixing mattes and metallics, sneaking in an eyebrow colour or having the first row be your go-to everyday eye look.

I'm not going to sit here and go through every colour because this palette is really is a mix of different eyeshadows but I'm going to talk about my top five colours that are in this palette and I think you would love.

The above photo is a shot of the shades with flash and the photo below is a picture taken without flash, to give you an idea of what to colours look like under different lights.

Blanc Type - located in the first spot in the first row.
This matte creamy white shade is the absolute perfect base for any eye look so I often start my eyeshadow with this one, hence it's easy accessible position in the palette. It's a great everyday and versatile shade from MAC.

Naked Lunch - located in the second spot of the first row.
This is another go-to shade for everyday eyeshadow looks because it adds a slight shimmer on it's own or complexity when added over darker eye looks. It's a frost formulation so perfect for adding some stand out shimmer.

Charcoal Brown - located in the second spot of the second row.
This cool medium toned brown has a buildable consistency so that you can do anything from lightly carve the crease to add some depth and darken up the look. It's a smooth light brown with a subtle shimmer throughout so it's a bit more forgiving if you don't blend properly.

Texture- located in the third spot of the second row.
If you know how much I love my corals then this favourite will completely make sense. It's a light burnt orange with a dingy brown undertone that acts as a subtle crease colour or the perfect medium base for a smokey eye. This particular shade has quite a lot of glitter so works best paired with other matte shadows.

Sketch - located in the fourth position of the third row.
If you can imagine MAC Rebel lipstick being turned into an eyeshadow, then this is what it looks like. A deep burgundy with a rich plum undertone, adding complexity to any smokey eye or being lightly applied in the crease for a unique eye look. This stunning shade is a must have in any makeup collection and one of my absolute favourites of all time.

So let's talk pricing...
The insert that holds the shadows is $15.
The palette that fits in the insert is $30.
The eyeshadows themselves range between $26 and $33 depending if you buy them in pan form or are planning on depotting your encased eyeshadows.

In Australia that means the minimum cost of this palette is $435, ouch that is pricey! However, if you are a professional makeup artist or a beauty junkie then it is a worthwhile investment because it is a practical and convenient way of accessing these high quality eyeshadows.

Thanks for reading!