Thursday, September 3, 2015


I have a bad habit of getting stuck in a rut with my makeup and skincare routine where I use the same products day in and day out. 

I am constantly trying out new products for reviews on here but when it comes to my everyday face of makeup, I am a creature of habit. So I want to start making a conscious effort to switch up my makeup routine, trying as many new products as I can. So I rummaged through my beauty samples drawer to choose some new items to try out and let you all know my thoughts. 

Last Summer I played around with coloured eyeliner so much and with the warmer season approaching I definitely want to get back into it. There's something about Spring and Summer that makes me want to experiment with colour; bright coral lips and electric blue liner are ideal. These Mary Kay liners come in five shades including the usual suspects like black and brown but some interesting colours thrown in like dark denim, steel grey and a turquoise. The perfect balance of colourful yet wearable. 

It has been years since I have used a Face of Australia mascara, mainly because I stick to my tried and true favourites. After trying out so many of the newly released mascaras (you can read the post here) I am on a roll trying out new and different ones. I love the price point on this product because it is about half the price of a lot of drugstore options and FOA often have sales to further lower the price. This mascara focuses mainly on the volume and curl of the lashes so if length isn't an issue for you this will be perfect. I also love the rubber brush because I find those bristles work best with separating and coating my lashes. 

Nugg Face Mask "Hydrating" ($3.29)
I am still searching for a holy grail face mask that leaves my skin silky soft but purified at the same time. I did give this product a go and I loved how intensely hydrating it was and how it left my skin silky soft afterwards. This will definitely be a product I repurchase because it is great to have on hand when your skin is feeling extremely dehydrated. But it isn't the type of mask where you feel your skin is clearer and fresher so for that reason it isn't a must have for me.

I have loved sharing some of my recent product tries with you, hopefully I can make these posts regularly to give you short and sweet thoughts on a wide variety of beauty products.

Thanks for reading!