Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The skin section in my product samples cabinet has been overflowing lately with new skincare arrivals. So I shopped my stash, picking out these few products I tried and tested this week. 

Each these three items are focused on hydrating and nourishing the skin which is my main concern with having dry skin especially in these cooler months.

Read on to find out which of these I will be incorporating into my skincare regime and those that unfortunately didn't make the cut.   

This product is marketed for dehydrated, sensitive and ageing skin - the first two of which are major concerns of mine. I want something to deeply hydrate my skin without the irritation and this is the perfect combination of both. I love how lightweight yet hydrating this oil is and the armoatherapy scent is so relaxing. Claiming to nourish, strengthen, protect against free radical damage, improve skin radiance and even reduce irritation and integrity. Talk about an all-in-one product, this oil targets a lot of skin issues you may have. 

This may sound strange but these very intense treatment products scare me at times because I am all about the simpler the better with skincare. This super antioxidant concentrate is for dry to very dry skin. The active ingredient is Retinol which is becoming increasingly popular in firming and plumping skincare. This product is a rich and thick oil with an orange tint to it that is really heavy duty. This one really hydrates and soften the skin but does leave an oily residue.  

A moisturising concentrate that promises intense hydration, this one caught my eye immediately. I love the crisp blue packaging and Bioderma make some pretty incredible products so I am always excited when a new range comes out. While it definitely delivers in terms of hydration - my skin craves decadent and oily products during this time of year. I think this product would make a great Summer moisturiser because it doesn't leave a residue on the skin, making it ideal for hot Australian nights. But for now my skin is lapping up the oily products that moisturise for hours after application. 

To wrap up, my favourite from this selection is the Skinstitut oil with Paula's Choice being a close second. Don't worry though, the Bioderma Serum will make it's way into my Summer skincare routine. 

Thanks for reading!