Thursday, September 17, 2015


This is the ultimate guide to nail colours this season - based on the trends we have seen on the runway and the fail-proof lacquers for this time of year. 

We have an assortment of options covering a lot of colour families - peaches, nudes, pinks, purples and even a yellow. So there is something for everyone in this post. 

The Nudes/Peaches
Maybelline Color Show "Nebline" is the perfect pastel pink for a clean finish on the nails. From the same range, "Peach Bloom" is a great alternative if you prefer a sandy nude undertone. OPI "Bubble Bath" is a great neutral for those who prefer a very subtle coat of colour on the nails. It's one of those "your nails but better" shades.

The Pinks
OPI "Shorts Story" is the ultimate creamy pink - the perfect in between shade of pastel pink and hot pink. Maybelline Color Show "Bouquet" adds sparkle on it's own or over any colour and my favourite thing to do with this is create a pink and white glitter accent nail. 

The Purples
Duri "Sleeping Beauty Indigo" is a beautiful pastel purple that is opaque with just one coat. OPI "Do You Lilac It" is a deeper grape purple with a milky finish. These sorts of shades always look amazing with a tan and they add a pop of colour to any look. 

Thrown in for good measure we have a soft pastel yellow with Face of Australia "Lemon Sorbet", a milky finish that is to die for on the nails. I am seriously obsessed with this one, it is just so perfect. 

Those are my nail polish picks for this season, I hope it has given you some inspiration and product recommendations. 

Thanks for reading!