Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Brows have become a crucial step in girls everyday makeup routine and with good reason, they are the feature that frames your face and good brows make a world of difference.

With so many great products available at Priceline and places like Target, there is no need to spend big when it comes to a brow pencil or powder. I have gathered five brow products that I love and would recommend if you are on the market for something new to help get your "brows on fleek".
But before you read on for the budget brows, if you are blonde and have a taste for high end products I recommend reading my "Brows for Blondes - In 2 Steps" article by clicking here.
Eye of Horus Brow Define ($25)
If quality is what you are after then look no further, this highly pigmented brow pencil has a super thin applicator for precise feathering of the brows. The packaging is sturdy and convenient with an easy wind up application and handy spoolie on the end. For reference, I am in the shade Husk - Ash Blonde. Read more about this product and purchase it here.
Savvy Eyebrow Pencil ($4.99) 
If you want something quite natural for everyday wear then this is a great option because it is easily manipulated on the skin to create that perfect shape you are after. This is the cheapest option of the three but definitely isn't lacking in quality. It is is available in four different shades to ensure there is a colour to suit the tone of your hair. Read more about this product and purchase it here.
Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Precise ($11.95)
This product is quite similar to the Eye of Horus pencil but slightly cheaper. You just have the make do with sharpening the product rather than being able to wind it up but the results are very similar if the pencil is sharp. Read more about this product and purchase it here.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara ($12.95)
A newly released Maybelline product is their Brow Drama sculpting brow mascara in the colour transparent. They have added this clear version to the already existing coloured product. This is great if you already have sculpted brows and just want to keep them in place rather than fill them in. You can read more about this product and purchase it here.

Essence Brow Powder ($9.95)
The great thing about this product is that it is multipurpose and can be used on it's own or over the top of a brow pencil. I can't find this listed on the Target or Priceline website so it may now be discontinued but only last month I saw it stocked at my local Target so maybe look out for it anyway. If you can't manage to find it then I would recommend the NYX brow powder duo as a great alternative. Read more about the NYX product and purchase it here.

I hope this article has given you inspiration and some ideas as to what budget brow products are on the market. There is definitely something for every kind of brow look you are going for and you definitely don't need to spend big to get a good product.

Thanks for reading!