Thursday, October 22, 2015


With Halloween quickly approaching it will be trick or treating time next weekend and I am here with four quick and easy Halloween tutorials if you are lacking inspiration this year.

Read on for details on how to create the makeup and costume for Sleeping Beauty, Super Girl, Pink Fairy and Barbie.

Being a princess for the night is always super fun and if you are wanting to go really girly and pink then Sleeping Beauty is the perfect princess for you. I used hair extensions to give myself a fringe and longer hair. I then purchased an affordable silky pink costume from Target and paired it with some accessories like blingy earings and a fluffy crown. The makeup tutorial is below complete with blue contacts, flawless skin, fluttery lashes and soft baby pinks. Read more about the costume and products used here.

A really fun and casual costume for those who don't feel like getting too pink and girly is going as a superhero - Super Girl none the less. This look allows for a super bold red lip and fun bright blue liner so you can experiment with your makeup while still being cool and comfortable (no heavy extensions or itchy gowns here). Read more about the costume and products used here

This look is perfect if you can't find a nice costume anywhere because you can work with what you have lying around or easily find a flower crown and pair of wings. This look focuses on the makeup so as long as you have some blush and eyeshadow lying around you can recreate this. To take it to the next level you can add some rhinestones and fluttery butterfly lashes. Read more about the costume and products used here.

This look is by far the easiest to recreate because all you need is pink or sparkly clothes and accessories along with a little glitter and imagination. I created the classic blue and pink barbie eyeshadow look paired with a pink lip, huge doll like lashes and full coverage foundation. If you haven't had time to find a costume or buy anything for Halloween then this is something you can whip up at home in an hour before a party or trick or treating. Read more about the costume and products used here.

I hope that these four looks have given you some ideas or a little inspiration. Don't forget to check out the video tutorials for further guidance if you do want to recreate one of these looks. I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

Thanks for reading!