Friday, October 23, 2015


It has been a hot minute since I sat down and wrote one of these updates but I'm not feeling too out of touch with you all since I have been sharing my US trip with you  in a couple of posts each week. 

There is a lot to talk about; the future of daily vlogging, finishing uni, eyelash extensions and more.

So I am back from the USA and now have all of my vlogs from my time there live on my channel. You can check out the playlist here. America was amazing - I had so much fun and have come back super refreshed and inspired.
The awesome news is that I had so much fun vlogging my trip that I have decided to continue vlogging now that I am back in Australia! Yesterday I uploaded my first daily vlog now that I am back - a follow me around to a blogger breakfast and fragrance launch. I am having such a fun time sharing my life with you all and have been having awesome conversations in the comments section.
I feel like I haven't stopped moving since I came back from the US there has been so much going! Let me just fill you in on what I didn't get around to vlogging since you will see that stuff on my channel soon. There was a MAC Master Class, a Mimco event where they gifted me the most gorgeous personalized keyring with my initials and I was lucky enough to attend the preview screening of Mistress America (a hilarious movie that is out today).

I got my grades back for this semester at University and I am super proud to say that I got top marks in all of my subjects. Now I just need to ace my last two exams to finish up a successful year! I honestly don't know how I did it because I had so much assessment to submit in advance before my trip to the US so I was mentally preparing myself for less than great results. Thankfully the fear of failing must have kicked me into overdrive to work harder on my assignments.
I also just got eyelash extensions again and am totally in love with them. There will be a post going up next week all about my experience with them and helping you decide if it's something worth getting for yourself.

Want to catch up with my USA trip more?
Here is a link to my USA vlogs playlist of 9 videos where you can follow me around LA, Vegas, Disneyland and everywhere I went!

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Thanks for reading!