Sunday, October 25, 2015


While I was on the west coast I knew that something I wanted to do was go to Disneyland! It just had to be done because it's one of those bucket list places I have always wanted to visit. 

Being Australian it doesn't always seem obtainable to go to a theme park on the other side of the world but I am really glad that I made it there and could experience it for myself.

Going in October meant catching the Halloween theme and Disney is so fun at Halloween! Pumpkin and haunted houses added a really lovely seasonal element to the experience. It also just so happens to be the 60th year celebrations at Disneyland in 2015 so I was extremely happy I was able to catch that and all of the decorating they had done for it.

Below I have shared with you some pictures from my trip to Disneyland! I hope you enjoy!

Disneyland at night is even more magical and the Walt Disney light show is out of this world - something like I have never seen before! I won't spoil it for you too much in case you plan on going to Disneyland but let's just say there are flying characters in the air and the fireworks are on a whole other level. The night finishes off with a breathtaking parade of all your favourite childhood Disney characters. Some memorable ones including Monsters Inc, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Fantasia.

Next on the bucket list - Disneyworld!

Thanks for reading!