Saturday, December 26, 2015


Lately I have been using these three products and loving the results so I thought I would put this post together to share with you my experiences with each of them and why I love them so much!

There is quite a good mix in the way that they are all random so I thought a post like this would be the perfect way to let you all know about them and their benefits. If you are looking to shake up your skincare routine then look no further because these three products are worth trying. 

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules ($180)
At $3 a capsule this is definitely not the most affordable of skincare remedies but if you have dry skin then it is worth checking out. I love how these say they counteract the effects of pollution because living in the city I always wonder the effects that does might have on my skin. These little capsules are full of Moringa oil so extremely hydrating and actively working towards improving your skin. Read more about the range here.

Nuxe White Intense Whitening and Correcting Serum ($55)
To be honest I have always been a little bit hesitant to try whitening products worried what they will do to my skin but I have been loving the results from the Nuxe White range. I find that when I use this my skin is brighter and clearer so sometimes I can even go without foundation. It could be a coincidence that my skin has just been behaving lately but I do truly think this product yields results. 

Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Scrub
If you are looking for a coffee scrub then I would definitely recommend this one because the scent, texture and results are amazing. Unfortunately I left this open while I was cleaning my shower the other day and it filled with water so I will have to repurchase it. The downside is that this product will leave a slightly brown stain to your skin but not to worry just go over it with a body wash and it washes right off. 

That's the low down on these three awesome skincare favourites that I would definitely recommend giving a go.

Thanks for reading!