Friday, January 29, 2016


I am so happy to be sitting down and catching up with you all on a personal level for the first time this year! I think my lack of updates is probably due to how relaxing and easygoing my month of January was.

In this post I am going to be running you through everything I have been up to in the start of 2016.

Fun, fun, fun
In my '10 Fun Things That Happened in 2015' post I explained that last year I chose to take a lot of time out to focus on myself and my happiness. I am quite a workaholic on some levels so taking time out is hard for me but much needed to make sure I don't burn myself out (a viscous cycle I've been in for years). So to kick off this year I wanted to make sure I soaked up as much of the Summer sun and relaxing holiday period as I could. This meant a lot of lazing by the pool, weekends away to the Gold Coast and even a rain forest retreat which I am heading off to tomorrow (but by the time you read this it would have already happened so head over to @JordyCannon for the pics). 

I spent a lot of January getting organized, as I know a lot of us tend to do. I organised my timetables, assessment and materials for University this year as well as wrote up a schedule for the blog and YouTube channel. It is hard for me to plan out my year ahead in terms of personal life because I am someone who likes to go with the flow but when it comes to Uni and work - you better bet I am organised to the day. 

Looking forward
I have lined up some pretty cool stuff for this year including some trips, internships and other fun things. I think it is important to outline things to look forward to that way you stay motivated throughout the entire year. I am definitely looking forward to my 21st this November and have it in mind to plan a huge birthday bash. It's going to be a busy year that is for sure.

I would love to hear about how the month of January went for you! Start a conversation with me over on social media @JordyCannon - I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. 

Thanks for reading!