Thursday, January 28, 2016


It's no secret that sometimes you are better off purchasing drugstore mascaras and that high end products sometimes don't meet expectations. 

But when they do it is pretty amazing so I have gathered three of my favourite luxury mascaras that are worth the hype (and money). If you are having a clean out of your makeup and find yourself without a mascara, you could potentially take a chance on these this season.

The Benefit They’re Real Mascara is one of those products that flies off the shelf, with some ridiculous amount being sold every hour or something like that. What I like most about this mascara is the smooth formulation and pitch black opacity. It is quite a watery consistency at first but does thicken up after around a week of use. The brush is large and plush so although it can be hard to get into the roots of the lashes and outer corner at times, it does a great job and thickening and lengthening the main tips of the lashes. I love how they have now released a brown version because if you are quite fair skinned and light haired, sometimes a more subtle mascara is more complimentary for everyday use.

The Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara made the rounds on social media when this was given away in the 20 year anniversary issue of Marie Claire. It was definitely a great bargain, getting this product and the magazine for under $13 from memory. The mascara itself is great and actually one of my mum’s favourites. It feels very luxury and high end with a buttery smooth formulation and dark pigmentation. The stunning gold tube is certainly luxurious and a great edition to an already amazing product.

While Chanel have some products that are certainly disappointing, such as their eyeliners, I have always had great luck with their mascaras, including this Chanel Inimitable Mascara. Then again my lashes also seem to adore MAC mascaras which are notoriously bad and most bloggers have low opinions of. So perhaps my lashes are just a bit odd and respond well to the most random of products. Either way I still have to recommend this mascara because I truly love it and feel like it makes a huge difference to the appearance of my lashes; mainly lengthening but also adding a bit of volume. The only downside about this product is that it does dry out fairly quickly and has a slightly grey pigmentation to it. Despite this I found it to be worth it since the thin spiky brush allows for a precise application and lots of control over the shape of the lashes.

If you are going to make the splurge and purchase a high end mascara then I think these would be amazing choices. With that being said, there are so many options in the drugstore that are just fantastic. If you don’t currently have much spare cash to dedicate to makeup, I would recommend the Maybelline Lash Sensational, it’s the drugstore mascara I am currently using and absolutely adore. 

Thanks for reading!