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If it's not contouring then it's strobing and while I enjoy immersing myself in the latest beauty trends I was particularly excited to first hear about tontouring especially when I figured out it is something I have been doing for years.

I remember being 14 and super into fake tanning and attempting to contour when one day is struck me to use self tanner as a contour product for more permanent results. The smart concept is now being commercialized and I think it is absolutely brilliant.

In this post we are going to be exploring this new concept of using tanning products to contour with. I think it's great because you are able to get that contoured look on a more permanent level with it lasting a few days and giving you bold cheekbones without the use of makeup.


The tan
I have been using the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan because it is really simple and easy to use. The chocolate base looks great on most skin tones while still remaining a very natural tan shade. The fact that it develops in one hour makes it convenient for getting ready quickly because you can wash it off and apply makeup over it after 60 minutes. There are two different colour options; the original Cocoa Brown tan and the new Dark shade for a deeper bronze.

The tools
Similarly to when your contour with makeup you will require your handy dandy makeup brushes to do the trick. The set came with the UBU Foundation brush and Stippling brush but I found that the formulation prefers the brushes from my Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit which I discussed here. I also love how rounded they are to help achieve that precisely contoured cheek bone look. 

The application
It is as simple as taking your desired brush and something water resistant that you feel comfortable putting tan on (a piece of plastic, cardboard, mixing plate etc). Dip your desired brush into the tanning mixture to get a small amount of product then blend it into the hollows of your cheek bones. Leave for one hour then wash it off and you are good to go. 

The occasion
This trend is absolutely perfect for times where you might not be wearing much makeup such as on a summer holiday and you are in a hot climate. You might be heading straight from the beach to some dinner and tontouring is a great way to define your cheek bones for a weekend without needing makeup or having to reapply. 

The verdict
If you hate contouring on the daily and are open to trying new things, strategically adding a bit of fake tanner to your face can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. It is especially perfect if you often go makeup free or are going on holidays where you plan to go all natural bare skin. 

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