Thursday, February 4, 2016


Nude lips are a fine art to master and hard look to pull off at times. I’m sure we have all seen concealer lip mishaps that turn us right off the lighter lip colour. 

It can be done really well if you find the right colour for your skintone and product to suit you. This post is all about discussing different shades of nude and formulation options to help you find the perfect nude product for you. I have broken this feature up into the sections; liquids, lipsticks and pencils so let's get into it.

The Australis Velour Lips "Mil-A-No" is a perfect nude option if you are most interested in long wearing products and having your lip colour last. The Velour Lips is great because it adheres to your lips and dries like paint to ensure you won’t be constantly re-applying your lip colour. The only issue with this product is that it can be very drying on the lips and after eating can sometimes become clumpy. These are the tradeoffs for having your colour last longer than a traditional nude product.

The Maybelline Color Elixir in "Nude Illusion" is great if you are just starting out with nude colours and want to gradually ease your way into these types of lip colours. This pigmented gloss provides a sheer version of a nude lipstick so that your natural lip colour still shines through and makes it more wearable. You can also use this gloss over the top of any other nude lip product we talk about in this post for a glossier finish.

MAC "Crème De Nude" Lipstick is one of the brands most popular nude lipsticks and I personally find it a lot more wearable than something as light as “Myth”. It is a darker flesh toned colour with a warm neutral undertone that makes it wearable for most skin tones. It looks great on lighter skin because it isn’t as pale as a lot of nude lipsticks therefore doesn’t wash out blondes and fair skin as noticeably.

Maybelline "Barely Bloomed" Rebel Bloom Lipstick is a drugstore dupe for MAC Crème De Nude as they are very comparable in colour. The Maybelline option is slightly lighter and more pink toned while the MAC one is a little darker and more neutral. The Maybelline alternative is a lot glossier so if you like hydrating lip products then you would probably prefer the Maybelline shade.

Shanghai Suzy 90s Cappuccino is the darkest nude shade we are discussing here in this post and works great for all skin tones but in different ways. For lighter skin it is a more wearable option because it is so dark it definitely won’t wash you out but at the same time it isn’t that really light nude colour you might be looking for. Darker skin tones will love this because it doesn’t look too light on your skin but rather blends into your complexion like a nude lipstick aims to do.

BOE Professional Super Shine Lipstick in “Flirt” is another one of those darker alternatives to a nude lipstick where it is still a bit nude but with a dark berry undertone to it. For similar reasons as the above I would recommend this shade. My favourite thing about this product is the formulation because it is really creamy and lightweight on the lips.
Maybeline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil's are some of my favourite lip products because they are easy to apply and extremely smooth without compromising their pigmentation. I love the precise application you can get with these because they are like a mix between lipstick and lip pencil. 630 Nude Perfection is the perfect everyday colour for an understated lip look.

The NudeStix pencil in "Whisper" is a multi-use product that can be used on both cheeks and lips, perfect if you love matching your blush colour to your lip colour. This light nude shade is made really wearable because it has soft pink undertones that compliment many skin types. It is smooth and easy to apply which makes it a perfect product to throw in your handbag and apply on the go.
From L-R: Australis Mil-A-No Velour Lips, Maybelline Color Elixir "Nude Illusion", Maybelline "Nude Perfection" Color Drama, Shanghai Suzy "90s Cappuccino", Maybelline 700 Barely Bloomed, MAC Creme De Nude and BOE Professional"Flirt".

Now that we have explored nude lip colour options that are liquids, lipsticks and pencils I hope you now have some inspiration on what kind of products might work for you. Nude is a large group of colours and I hope this feature has also shown you all of the types of undertones and hues nude can have. All in all, it is about experimenting and seeing which shades suit you best. These are my tried and tested favourites though so I would recommend any of these if you are just starting out and stuck on what to try first.

Thanks for reading!