Tuesday, March 22, 2016


You know what time it is; Tuesday’s are for quick tips here on Jordy’s Beauty Spot and I am here with a quick and easy one to do with time management.

It’s what I like to call the cram beauty sesh and it is exactly what it sounds like.

If you come home from work and are feeling extremely tired and run down then something picks you up more than pampering yourself. The main issue that might be stopping you from reaching for the face masks is being so exhausted that you don’t have the energy to bother with a full length pamper session. Introducing the cram beauty sesh.

You can pamper yourself for as short a time as 10-15 minutes with the help of multi-tasking. I’m serious – this sounds silly but it really works.

On weekdays you might catch me whitening my teeth, coconut oil in my hair, with a face mask on and an additional eye mask over the top – no shame. For busy girls with limited time to take care of themselves then this is the routine for you.

There are 5 steps but I can bet that steps 1-3 only take you 1-2 minutes each to complete.

Step 1
Take a face wipe and get all of the makeup from the day off – you are already feeling better aren’t you. This is way nicer than collapsing into bed and falling asleep with your makeup on (not that I’ve done that *cough*). Then slap on a face mask whether it be a cream, peel or sheet mask.

Step 2
Throw some coconut oil or some kind of oil treatment in your hair. Your split ends will thank you for it later. Get that oily mess of hair in a bun and off your face.

Step 3
Now it is time to show your lips or teeth some love. If you have an at home teeth whitening kit then a bit of extra sparkle to your smile is a huge pick-me-up the following day. Pop in your teeth whitening or slap on a lip mask (just use lip balm if you don’t have a proper mask). Now sit around your house looking like a weirdo and scaring anyone you live with – but don’t worry because the results are worth it. You will show them with your glistening hair, white teeth and clear vibrant skin.

Step 4 
It’s shower time. Take off all your masks and teeth whitening if you chose to do that. Hop in the shower for a quick rinse, lathering yourself with your favourite body wash and giving your hair a quick shampoo and condition to get the oil out. Give your teeth a quick brush and your cram beauty session is almost over.

Step 5
It’s time to hydrate! Get out your favourite leave in conditioner, face oil and body moisturizer. You know what to do – slap them all on and wake up with glowy hydrated skin.

All up this really only takes about 20 minutes if you are in speed mode but on nights you have a bit more time you can drag this out into a relaxing and slow process.

So girls - that is the cram beauty sesh, one of my favourite ways to stay on top of all the maintenance work that comes with taking care of your skin, teeth and hair. For something that isn’t overly time consuming it is a great confidence boost and you will be looking gorgeous from head to toe in no time at all.

Thanks for reading!