Thursday, April 28, 2016


I can definitely appreciate a bit of sparkle and when it comes to jewellery - the more bling, the better. 

There is something about adding a statement necklace to a plain outfit that turns it from usual to incredible. Having statement pieces in your wardrobe like this are great go-to items when you really want to dress something up and I have recently added a few pieces to my collection. I thought that I would run you through these new jewellery additions to my collection from TotallyJewel, an affordable and high quality online jewellery store.

Crystal Cluster Slip On Bracelet ($26 AUD)
The gorgeous combination of sparkling glittering shapes makes for a complex and beautiful piece of arm candy. The emerald and smaller almond shapes mixed with the round stones gives a beautiful aesthetic to the piece. You can purchase this product here.

Crystal PonPon Necklace ($36 AUD)
What a spectacular piece! This necklace is sure to make a statement paired with a block coloured dress. It is such an intense and intricate design and since it is such a great quality piece it will last a long time. The flower and emerald cut pattern in unique and works so well together. You can purchase this product here.
Crystal PonPon Earrings ($22 AUD)
Matching earings? Yes please! Let's be blinged out from head to toe! I again love the combination of the different shaped stones and how amazing they look when all paired together. You can purchase this product here.
Petite Daisy Stud ($16AUD)
If you are looking for something a bit more dainty then these beautiful and intricate daisy earrings will definitely do the trick. They are perfect for everyday wear and come in a variety of colours to match different outfits and occasions. You can purchase this product here

That's my overview on the pieces that I picked up from TotallyJewel. They are offering 20% off for fire-time customers to head over to their website here and browse the collections. 

Thanks for reading!