Friday, April 29, 2016


I have been subscribed to Lust Have It for a while now and each month they deliver on great value in their boxes. 

I am pleased to say that this month was no exception as it includes 4 full sized items and one deluxe sample sized product.

Bombshell Cosmetics 'Radiance' Eye Liner ($20)
This eyeliner is mechanical which cuts down on a lot of time you would otherwise spend sharpening - I seriously love mechanical eyeliners so much for that reason! It is in a beautiful violet purple colour for something a little bit different to the usual black or brown. 

Glazael Visage Eye Shadow - Matte ($15)
What a coincidence that the eyshadow I received was also a purple! I am about to create a killer purple smoky eye with this combination! I love matte shadows because they are incredibly versatile and easy to work with so I will definitely be getting some use out this one. 

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Anti Aging Whole Body Balm ($20)
You can never have too many lip balms but the name of this on threw me off. Not because of Jersey Shore, although I don't know why it is named that considering the TV show puts odd and funny images into my head.Mainly because it is for the body also! I generally have balms for my body then balms for my lips but never have I tried a multi-purpose product for both so I will have to try this out and see how it goes.

SebaMed Liquid Face and Body Wash ($14.95)This is the only product int he box that isn't full sized but it is still a decent amount of 50ml of product. This says that it is great for sensitive skin so I was really excited to be given the opportunity of trying this out, especially since I had not heard of it before. This PH balancing product will cleanse your skin gently and protect the skin from hydration.

Ruby Professional Make Up Brushes ($22.40)
I LOVE makeup brushes - there I said it. But in all seriousness, makeup brushes can get expensive and the fact that this lovely high quality brush was included in this subscription box is a miracle (I may be slightly exaggerating but I'm really happy about it okay). 

The four full sized items equals a total of $77.40 so I am incredibly impressed with the value of the box. For this reason I would definitely recommend subscribing to Lust Have It and having a lovely gift show up on your door step each month.

If you weren't aware, Lust Have It is a monthly subscription box that retails for $19.95 per box a month. Each month you will have 5-6 deluxe beauty products delivered to your door. You can use discount code JORDY1 for $5 off your first box :)

Thanks for reading!