Tuesday, April 26, 2016


After my trip to the USA late last year I have become obsessed with travelling and have even planned my second trip to the USA for next month. 

Through my experiences with travelling I was quickly able to pick up a few tips that I think are worth sharing with you.

1. Comfort is key 
If you are going be sitting on a plane for hours on end then you want to be comfortable. Although I found the 13 hour flight from Brisbane to LA went quite quickly, I was so glad I wore my comfiest attire but I think this time round I may go even comfier. I wore thick black leggings with a sports bra and flowy grey top paired of course with some flats. This time I might go with a comfortable long dress so that I am not as constricted as I was in the tight black leggings. You have to be seated in that outfit for such a long time so make sure you are wearing something you are comfortable in.

2. Pack less than what you think you will need 
I made the mistake last time of packing a whole heap of outfits I never got around to wearing. This time I will be packing less than what I think I need. This is mainly because I found myself re-wearing the same things over and over so there was no need for 2-3 outfits for each of the days of my stay.

3. Think versatile items 
Stock up on the basics like plain shirts and different denim jeans that way you can have that as your base but mix and match other items like blazers and blouses. I like packing only a couple pairs of shoes because a certain pair of heels will work with a mixture of outfits so you don’t need to pack different ones for each outfit. Things like that can cut down on room in your suitcase and leave space for purchases made while overseas.

Those are my quick three tips for travelling and for the sake of keeping it short I won’t go into anymore today but may write a follow up post with some additional tips.

Thanks for reading!