Monday, May 2, 2016


Okay girls – let’s talk about BROWS! Never before have I seen a facial feature blow up on social media as much as brows other than full lips and maybe winged liner. 

It’s ALL about the brows these days so let’s make sure we have them looking fantastic. In this feature I am running you through all the products and tools that I use within my own brow routine to hopefully give you some inspiration of products out there on the market.

I’m a blondie and as such have quite light brows but I like to make them a couple of shades darker than my hair colour. If you have a similar complexion to myself then you will likely find that these product shades are perfect for you so you might want to take note for next time you are at Priceline or the MAC counter.

I start off with using the MAC 'Lingering' Eyebrow Pencil to sketch out a rough idea and the main shape of my brows. I do this because it is quite a bold product and the darkest of all that I use so this created a strong basis of my brows. I then blend out the product slightly using a spoolie.

Then I move onto using MAC 'Wedge' Eyeshadow which I have been using this to fill in my brows for years! Who said that eyeshadows were only for the eyes? Brows love a bit of shadow as well! You have so much FLEXIBILITY when choosing a shade from the eyeshadow section at MAC and as such can make sure that you can the exact shade to suit your brows. To apply the shadow I use the Real Techniques Slanted Brow Brush.

If I’m not using MAC ‘Wedge’ then I will be using the Maybelline Brow Satin instead to fill those brows in. I’ll even use the wax on the other size if I really want the product to stick and I am going for a bold look.

That’s the down low on my brow routine! It has expanded over the years from where I used to just use a light brow pencil and now I use up to 4 products at once depending on the occasion!

I like to refer to it as the evolution of my brows! What has yours been like?

Thanks for reading!