Friday, May 13, 2016


I have a love / hate relationship with concealer but it is mostly love. I say this because I go through periods of not using it at all to using three at one time.

So this post is all about the times when I use three concealers in the same makeup look and my justification behind it. It sounds excessive I know but just hear me out.

Firstly I start out with the Benefit Fake Up Concealer which is the first concealer I apply after my foundation. I apply this to my undereye area and bring it right down onto my cheek bone area also. The purpose behind this is to provide me with a hydrated balmy base that has medium concealing coverage. By this time by circles are completely covered and I have a hydrated undereye area (perfect for those of us with dry skin). This product retails for $35 and is available from Myer and David Jones.

Next I bust out the Maybelline FIT Me concealer and go directly over the Fake Up. The combination of these two concealers is amazing with one providing the moisture and a clear base and the other giving an intense undereye highlight. The Maybelline FIT Me going over the Fake Up sounds like a lot of concealer but the two formulations mix so well together that it doesn't cake at all. I also like to take this concealer and use it on any other shadowed areas such as the side of my nose and my chin. The Maybelline FIT Me concealer retails for $14.95 and is available from Priceline

Lastly we have the amazing Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer which is perfect for any blemishes. It has such a lightweight formulation yet is so highly pigmented that is successfully covers all blemishes without being heavy on the skin. This product retails for $36 and is available from Mecca. You can read my full review on this concealer here.

There you have it! Using concealer 3 ways in the same makeup look. I love the finish this gives me and it is a great alternative to really heavy foundation. I love being able to build up coverage on the areas I feel need it for more full coverage night time makeup looks.

Thanks for reading!