Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I’m sure I am not alone in having like 100 different lip products in my bag at any given time. It’s almost like a lucky dip each morning where I reach in and grab the first one I can find. 

Well it’s easier than searching for the exact shade among the 10 options anyway.

Okay first up we have my Chanel '54 Boy' Rouge Coco Shine which I will love until the end! So many times this lipstick has saved me in occasions where I have been stumped on what colour will match my makeup look. This versatile shade saves my ass everytime so this is a go-to.

MAC Pink Nouveu is my go-to for a bubblegum pink that I can get away with wearing on a daily basis. Although it’s a bold and standout colour, the matte formulation and dusty finish makes it much more wearable. 

A completely different colour to that bubblegum pink is the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick in 'Touch of Spice'. This is a dark plum nude that is eye-catching but still natural looking. Again, I am loving the creamy matte lipstick! I also often have the shade ‘Lust For Blush’ in my purse as well as more of a deep and dusty pink. I love that these lipsticks are entirely matte because I can always put a gloss over and make it shiny – a girl has got to have options!

The BOE Professional Super Shine in ‘Diva’ has the most incredible formulation! It is so lightweight and creamy so it just glides onto the lips perfectly! The deep dark berry colour is the perfect added drama to any makeup look so I love keeping this in my purse for transitioning looks from day to night.

Lucky last is the BOE Beauty Candy Lip Balm which is an absolute purse essential for keeping hydrated lips! All of these lovely lipsticks would not look as amazing if my lips were dry and cracked so this is a must-have.

What's in your purse? I'm assuming you are likely similar to me and have a minimum of 5 lip products in there!

Thanks for reading!