Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I think we have all woken up way past our alarm and felt like crawling back under the sheets. Mainly because there is no way we are managing to get that flawless foundation within the 5 minutes you have to get ready. It just isn’t happening. Or is it? 

This post is all about finding easy shortcuts to your everyday makeup routine, freeing up more time and shortening your process so that you can get your makeup done within time crunches.

 Have go –to products that you know work for you 
When in a rush go with your tried and tasted favourites rather than products that you are experimenting. These unknowns have the potential for disaster and there is a possibility that they may backfire on you. I speak from experience with this one and there is nothing worse than trying a new foundation only to find it’s about 2 shades too dark but it is too late to do anything about it.

Display all your products in order 
So you have your makeup bag full of favourite products but how do we further cut down on time now? There is nothing that is more of a time killer than searching through your makeup bag over and over for each product you are looking for. I like to tip out all of my products and line them up in order of when I use them. This way I know that all I need to do is reach down for the next product and the next product I need will be right there in my reach. It takes a few seconds to do this but saves you a whole lot of time.

Don’t think too much 
Sometimes I find that putting pressure on myself to have my makeup be perfect actually has the opposite effect. When I’m just going through the motions and not thinking too hard about my technique things come naturally. If you don’t over think everything (I know that it is hard with winged liner) and just go with the flow as quickly as possible, you tend to end up with a great makeup look that isn’t over done.

Those are my top three quick tips for getting ready in the morning quicker and saving time. Incorporate these into your everyday makeup routine and see how you go. You might find you have a bit more time up your sleeve to make that toast or get to work earlier.

Thanks for reading!