Monday, June 27, 2016


Wow! What a whirlwind of a month and a bit it has been since my last 'Behind The Desk'. When I checked in last it was a  couple of weeks before heading off for another adventure in the USA and now that I have returned I have 100 stories to tell, 2000 pictures to share but am also ENGAGED and planning a wedding. 

So where to begin?! I will be gradually sharing my holiday over the blog but if you can't wait then head over to my YouTube channel here where I share vlogs from each day. Start with Day 1 which was spent in LA shopping up a storm in Sephora and pigging out on In-N-Out grilled cheese burgers. It already feels like a lifetime ago even though it was only a week and a bit ago, mainly because of all the engagement craziness. Or my first New York vlog has just gone up and you can watch that here.

Getting engaged is such a surreal experience and I'm sure you would understand if you have been engaged yourself or had someone close to you get engaged. There's so much to think about! Engagement photoshoots, dinners, parties and of course wedding planning. It didn't make it easier that I was half way across the world when it happened but I think that adds to how special it all is. It really allowed for us to celebrate together first before letting friends and family in on the excitement. I really want to share my proposal story in a separate blog post because it was such a beautiful experience and I don't think quickly sharing it in this update would do it justice.

The boy did so well on the ring (a white gold Tiffany setting and a literally flawless diamond). I mean I would have said yes if he proposed with a lump of coal and it really isn't overly important but oh my goodness I am so in love with the ring. I wasn't sure how much I wanted to say in the vlogs since it had just happened and I hadn't had a chance to let all of my friends and family know. Which is why the engagement was a bit on the quiet front in the vlogs and also on here until now but I am ready to share everything with you all and seriously can't wait to get into wedding planning. The planner had been bought, a date has been set and my Pinterest board is absolutely bursting with inspiration.

So on another note...University is over for the semester!! As soon as I came back from the USA I was thrown right into exam week with three massive exams! Now that I am on holidays I am so excited to have more time on my hands that would otherwise be spent studying. I will hopefully be getting a lot of wedding planning done in the University break before I have to get back to study. Cake tastings, venue sightings, save the dates, meetings with vendors etc.

So that's all for me, I think this post has been rambly enough! I can't wait to check in with you again sharing highlights from my USA holiday and hopefully have some progress on how the wedding is going.

Thanks for reading!


that girl next door said...

Congratulations Jordy & what a stunning ring ! As someone who go engaged in Hawaii, i definitely understand the benefit of it just being you & him knowing about the engagement ! That time is precious :) Enjoy the wedding planning stage xx

Chontelle Louise said...

Huge congrats to you and your man, I can only dream that one day I'll be proposed to on an overseas trip (how exciting)! Best wishes! x

xx Chontelle