Thursday, September 28, 2017

Changing Up Your Hair Without The Commitment

Whether you love your hair or hate it, everyone has days where they just want to make a drastic change. However, on those days you shouldn’t make any big commitments like cutting it or dying it, as you probably haven’t thought the decision through very well. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to completely change your hair without losing a single strand of it. Try these simple methods for a complete hair makeover that totally temporary.

Go For Faux
If you wanted to experiment with shorter hairstyles, then why not try a faux bob? All you need to do is gather your hair together at the nape of the neck, tie a clear elastic near the ends, and pin them under. This would give you some idea of how you would look with shorter hair, without risking any existing locks, then, if you don’t like it, you never have to do it again.

Out With A Bang
Bangs can look great depending on your face shape, but unfortunately, they require a lot of commitment. Not only will you have to cut off a good chunk of your hair, but you then have to keep getting them trimmed every couple of weeks, and have to wait for eons for them to grow out when you’re sick of them. Well, believe it or not, clip in bangs are now an option and can save you all the hassle that comes with getting the real thing.

Time To Part
Your hair parting is pretty important. If like most people, you keep the parting of your hair in the same place every single day, you might want to try switching it up a little to give your hair a whole new look. If your hair is usually to one side, try parting it down the middle. If you usually have a center part, then flip your hair over to one side or another to give it a lot of volume.

Convert The Curl
If you use the same curling wand every single day to do your hair, then you hair is going to look the same every single day. Instead, why not opt for a curling iron with a bigger or smaller barrel to give your curls a new lease of life. Better yet, forget the curls altogether and try straightening your hair for a completely fresh look.

Get An Extension
Sure, if you really wanted to you could easily cut your hair for an entirely new look, but this doesn’t help you if your hair is already relatively short. There are hair treatments that you can try to grow your hair quicker, but it won’t happen overnight. If you’re sick of having short hair, then tape in hair extensions are your new best friend. Just make sure that you choose hair extensions with the same color and texture hair as you, to avoid making a huge fashion faux pas.

Any one of these methods would give your hair an entirely new lease of life, so why not experiment and find one you really like.

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