Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Top Beauty Articles - 4 Popular Posts

This blog has over 1000 articles published but some have gained some significant interest. 

In this post we're going to recap four of the most popular beauty posts that have gone up on Jordy's Beauty Spot. 

With so many highlighting products on the market it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. In this post we break down highlighting with 5 products from a range of brands and price points. Highlighting is approached from a few angles so there are different colours, finishes and formulations. You can read this post here

This seasonal release garnered some attention due to the cute factor since the set includes baby sizes of the liquid and cream highlighters. Is there a theme going on here? Apparently everyone loves highlighters as much as I do. I review the product in depth, discussing price comparisons and showing the colours in different lights as well as giving my opinion on the products themselves. You can read the post here

In this post 2 Maybelline foundations battle it out to see which is the superior product. We compare absolutely everything from price to formulation and coverage to longevity. It's an in-depth review of the both products and how they fare when side by side. See which was the superior foundation here.

Okay we've all been there and had to deal with dry lips and it's hard to not let them ruin your makeup look or feel less confident. So I share my secret weapons for when I have super dry lips and how I still wear a bright bold lip colour or disguise how dry they are so I can continue on with my day without worrying what my lips are doing. Find out what they are here

So that's a wrap for four pieces of content that have gained a bit of popularity here on the blog. I figured that if so many people found the topic interesting and enjoyed reading that it might be worthwhile recommending them for a read. 

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