Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Paint For Your Lips - Maybelline Color Jolt Review and Swatches - New Release


So I guess you could call me a Maybelline lip product connoisseur because I've been all across the latest releases for years.

Some of my favourite collections being Rebel Bloom, Color Drama Pencils and Color Elixirs.

Maybelline are one of those amazing brands you can rely on for fresh releases of new shades, formulations, application methods and all the latest in lip products.

They have an interesting formulation where they go on with a semi-sticky consistency which is more like a paste than a paint. They then settle on the lips to have a semi matte finish without being drying. They have a bit of a tackiness to it which means that it is extremely long-lasting on the lips.

The pigmentation is amazing, providing a completely opaque colour with one coat. They aren't what I was originally expecting because of just how pigmented they are. I saw the colours and was expecting a jelly-like medium pigmentation but was pleasantly surprised to see just how bold they are (see below for swatches).

The concept behind these are that they are dramatic colours, hence the name 'jolt' because it sort of takes you by surprise and is bold. Due to this, the range consists of mainly bright colourful shades with a nude thrown in there.

This collection retails for $15.95 and are available at all Maybelline stocklists including Priceline, Kmart, Chemist Warehouse and Target.

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