Monday, November 13, 2017

Minimalism Monday - Update

So to bring you up to speed, I finished the initial hardcore minimalism clear out where I seriously culled my wardrobe, makeup collection, files and pretty much all possessions.

If you are interested in a detailed look of what that process was like, you can catch up on other features from my minimalism series including;
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Now I've moved on to the stage of maintaining the minimalism lifestyle and using up what I have - which I'm going to be talking you through today.

Maintaining the minimalism lifestyle
While it was a huge ordeal at the beginning, as time progresses living a minimalistic lifestyle becomes easier and easier. I have found that now I have less items, I care for and appreciate the ones I do have more. Instead of having 100 pairs of shoes I never look at, I value the 10 pairs I do have and they all get good wear.

I covered absolutely all bases when first starting out including;
- switching to paperless billing
- unsubscribing from junk emails
- throwing out duplicates of things
- getting rid of sentimental items that don't bring me joy
- setting up budgeting accounts with my bank
- culling all junk from the pantry / fridge
- unsubscribing from services I don't use
and of course...using up what I already have which brings me into the second section.

Using up what I already have
This is a really important step because once you have committed to keeping the items you have in hopes you will use them, you need to make a conscious effort to use up these things before you buy new versions. An example of this is finishing up old skincare before getting a new routine or resisting the urge to buy that gorgeous hand cream because you have 3 at home you have committed to using.
So how I keep myself on track to use up all these products are by creating a basket of things to use filled with items like face masks, candles, body scrubs, moisturisers, face oils, serums, get the picture.
They're beautiful products from great brands so I couldn't bring myself to throw them away but I need to keep on track to using things up before I purchase the latest and greatest in beauty (which is difficult for someone like me with the industry I am in).
I have been resisting purchasing candles, even if they are on sale, because I know I have at least 10 at home that need to be used first.
A tip that I've found works for me is to stick to one of a product at a time rather than alternating between. If that doesn't make sense, what I mean is consistently using the same shampoo rather than switching between 3 because it will take triple the amount of time to get through the products. Knocking them off one by one is a great way to consistently knock off your goals to further become a minimalist.
So that's a little update of where I am at so far with the minimalism lifestyle. I have some more in-depth and specific minimalism posts coming up soon so keep at eye out.
How have you been going with minimalism? Is it something you would try?

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