Sunday, December 31, 2017

Beauty Tips To Survive New Years Eve

Whether you have got a hot NYE party to be at or are having a quiet one in watching the fireworks, there has never been a better time to pamper yourself. 

Here are a few tips and tricks I have for NYE beauty that will leave you feeling top of your game. This is my favourite routine for getting back to feeling myself after I've slacked on my beauty routine - it's like a revival pamper regime. 

It will also prep you for if you plan on drinking alcohol during your celebrations because preventing a hangover is always ideal.

Go crazy on the skincare
Whenever I do 2 masks, a deep cleanse with my clarasonic, a pore strip, toner and repair skin has never felt better. You will feel incredible after a little pamper session and when you skin is glowing your confidence has never been better. 

Stay hydrated
Drink HydraLyte and heaps of water in preparation for drinking because dehydration is the key cause of hangovers. Make sure you chug heaps of water every time you think about it or between drinks so that you don't get to the end of the night and realise you have drunk no water the entire time.

Choose your drinks wisely
If you are going to be drinking mostly the same thing all night, make sure it's not horrible for you. Drinking beer all night will most likely make you bloated and drinking alcopops will leave you with a sugar high. Something like a vodka cranberry or vodka lime and soda means the only bad ingredient in there is the alcohol.

Eat something before you drink
I sound like my mother right now but it's so true. Everytime I drink on an empty stomach I get drunk really quickly and feel sick at the end of the night. If I eat a heavy meal to help soak up some of the alcohol, the night ends a lot better. So seriously, do yourself a favour and get a feed before you go out.

Think about your undergarments
We generally pick New Years Eve dresses because they are extravagant and not something we would typically wear but an issue that comes with this is the bra situation. If it's backless or low cut, you'll need to think about it in advance what kind of bra solution you are going to wear. Just worth giving a thought before your get to NYE and are running around trying to figure out what to do before your bra is showing - I've been there so many times!

I hope these tips help get you through NYE and that everyone has a fabulous, fun and safe night!
Keep an eye out for my post going up on January 1st 2018 talking all about setting achievable goals and resolutions that you will be able to stick to next year!

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