Monday, January 1, 2018

Your Guide To Making Killer New Years Resolutions You Will Stick to in 2018 + Mine As Examples

New year, new me. I'm kidding...there's no way I would say something that cliche. But there is no denying that a new year can signify massive personal change and a series of fresh starts. 

For me, 2018 brings a series of new changes for me. The biggest of which is a new job which will see me working in a totally different industry and while it's still marketing, the role will be very different to what I'm used to. After 2 years in my previous job I felt it was time to move on and like I had done everything I had set out to do there. I'm excited to take on a new role and become re-inspired with new challenges. Your professional work has a huge impact on your overall life and I can't wait to start this new journey. 

When you read this, I will be in Vietnam! What a fantastic start to the year! Hoping that setting out on adventures early on in the year will help curve the travel bug for a little while because I'm keen to get stuck into working hard in 2018, which I find a lot of fun in anyway. 

I see 2018 as being a super exciting start of a new chapter for myself. For this reason, I'm setting out on new goals. If you know anything about me you would know I'm extremely goal driven and all about ticking off those boxes and to-do lists. 

But what this post is really about is helping you tackle all those goals you have swirling around in your head and putting them into tangible and achievable resolutions. 

Step 1 - Get all your ideas on paper
The biggest thing I see if that people overestimate what they can do in a day but underestimate what they can achieve in a year. So sit down with a notepad and write down all your ideas- big and small. Get it all down, no goal is too big! Think about what you want to achieve even in the next 10 years!

Step 2- Categorise
Go through with 3 highlighter colours and split your goals into category of small, big and long-term. The small ones will automatically go onto your 6 month goals. The big ones will be set for a year. The long term ones need to have their own vision map so break down everything that would be involved in achieving this goal - map it all out! Then pick the first few steps to add to your goals for this year. That way even if it's a long-term goal, you will be working towards it this year and not wasting any time!

Step 3- Prioritise
There is no way we can do everything. Don't get my wrong, we are all extremely capable but the worst thing would be to overwhelm yourself with hundreds of goals and not know where to begin. Think about what is extremely important to you this year in all aspects of your life. With family do you want to build a better connection with your sister or with career do you want to get a new job? 

Step 4- Pick 1-3 main goals in each aspect of your life
Pick a few of our main goals in the following categories; health, career, family, education, finances and personal development. That way you know what you are aiming for in each aspect and it's split into a methodical way that you can recognise is improving all aspects of your life.

Step 5- Plan it out
Put your overarching goals in your 1 year plan, your medium term goals in your 6 month plan and then pull together a weekly plan that helps pick away at your goals on a weekly basis. This achievable method puts your goals into little bite size steps and creates a roadmap in achieving your larger resolutions. 

So those are my tips for writing your New Years resolutions and actually sticking to them. 
Now I wanted to share with you my overall yearly goals for 2018. 

Health - Improve in Pilates, practising 3 times a week. Eating a clean and healthy diet.
Career - Create a rewarding and successful role within my new job. 
Family - Build stronger connections with my friends and family, spending more quality time with the important people in my life.
Education - Complete my Masters mid next year, including the completion of my major project which is writing a book.
Finances - Save towards a house deposit to be in a position by this time next year to look at purchasing a home. 

So there you have it! Those are my tips on creating killer New Years Resolutions in 2018 that you will actually stick to!

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