Thursday, March 15, 2018

Items Boss Babes Carry Around - Things Smart Girls Keep In Their Purse

If you lead a busy lifestyle, more often than not you are probably on the go from one thing to a next.

Which means you likely live out of your handbag or car – I know the struggle all too well. Which is why I'm sharing the things I carry around that boost my productivity and leave me prepared for any situation I might face.

Read on for these top things to keep in your purse and be ready for any opportunity that comes your way whether it be sneaking in a workout, catching a lecture while on the go, spending more time reading, making business connections or taking care of your health.

Sunglasses and Lipstick
These two things can lift your confidence from 1-10 faster than you can say “omg is that the cute guy I met last week, I look like shit. Quick, hide”.

Now instead of hiding you can chuck on your sunnies and apply a quick coat of bright lipstick to distract from the fact you might not have washed your hair for a week. I mean just because a girl’s gotta run errands does not mean she has to get a blow dry and straighten. All jokes aside, because that was all very dramatic…these two things can transform your confidence in an instant especially if you don’t have any makeup on and/or the bags under your eyes give away that you stayed up until 2am answering emails.

Makeup Wipes and Workout Gear
The amount of times I have spontaneously found the motivation to go to a workout class after work is actually shocking. So I keep my Pilates mat, towel workout gear and a water bottle (always carry water – a girl has gotta stay hydrated) in the car at all times just in case I push myself to head into a class straight after work. If you had to go home first to get ready and take a later class, chances are you might end up drinking wine on the couch watching YouTube videos (that can’t just be me can it). I also make sure I have makeup wipes because I don’t want any breakouts – ain’t nobody got time for that.

Business Cards
If you have a side hustle or run your own full time business…you have to be switched to ‘on’ mode at all times. You can get a surprising amount of networking done in real life and you don’t even have to try and find a park then eat sub par canapes at some hosted event. If you carry cards on you, you are ready to rep your business and make some new contacts at all times.

Okay, okay this is sooo obvious. But let me explain okay! I LIVE out of my phone. I keep every list you can imagine on there, run by the schedule of my iCalendar, Instagram story all day like it’s nobodies business and track everything from my phone (I even have a period tracker guys, I live through my phone…but in like a totally healthy way…believe me…I think). So what I mean by this is turning your smartphone into your most productive life hacking tool ever. Have it be your personal assistant that remembers your chiropractor appointment even when you forget.

This is one that I have learnt the hard way before I made it a habit to carry around my current read in my purse of car. You never know when you might be waiting for a friend who is running late or have time in between meetings to get a couple of extra chapters in. Instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs or scrolling through Instagram, you will be knocking off your daily reading goals.

Journal / Planner
Hold up while I totally contradict myself…while I love my phone and use it for like EVERYTHING….I also really like taking notes and jotting down ideas in a notebook. Especially when it comes to a brain dump, I like to mind map everything out on paper. Physically writing is cathartic in the way that it takes all these ideas swirling around from inside you head and puts it on a piece of paper that you can look at from a distance. So keeping a journal might weigh down your bag a little more than you would like (or just keep it in your car) but when inspiration hits, nothing beats having somewhere to capture the moment.

There are a few reasons why these are ESSENTIAL and not just because you have them in and pretend you don’t hear guy hollering at you from his car while you’re walking down the street to an appointment (this is never okay by the way and I will never understand why some guys do this). Firstly, music is something that consoles me when I’m sad or picks my mood up when I’m in a negative mindset. So I love chucking my earphones in a putting on a playlist whenever I need it. Not only that but you can also listen to podcasts or audiobooks (refer back to the benefits of entertaining yourself with educational content whenever you find a spare moment).

So that’s all I’ve got for you today in terms of things you should have on you or around you at all times to continue being a total boss.

These items prepare you for any situation thrown your way and increase your productivity enormously because you’re able to make the best of any circumstance.

Hope you found these helpful!

Tell me – what am I missing from this list?

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