Thursday, December 27, 2018

My 10 New Year’s Resolutions + Did I Achieve My 2018 Resolutions?

I thought it would be interesting to not only share my New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 but also update you on how I went with my resolutions this year! 

This year is a little different to last where I wrote a post all about helping you tackle those goals you have swirling around in your head and putting them into tangible and achievable resolutions. If you are struggling with setting goals or making SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) resolutions then you should head over and give it a read HERE.

If you’re looking for some resolution inspiration and interested in what I have in store for 2019 then keep on reading. I am SO SO excited and motivated about all of my goals. I’m chomping at the bit to get a start on them!

Let’s start with my goals from this year! I love how I published them here on the blog because it has held me accountable for my progress.

Health - Improve in Pilates, practising 3 times a week. Eating a clean and healthy diet.
Career - Create a rewarding and successful role within my new job.
Family - Build stronger connections with my friends and family, spending more quality time with the important people in my life.
Education - Complete my Masters mid next year, including the completion of my major project which is writing a book.
Finances - Save towards a house deposit to be in a position by this time next year to look at purchasing a home.

I already touched on some of my major life achievements form this year in THIS POST.

A quick recap on these particular New Years Resolutions is as follows; 

Health - While I didn’t exercise 3 times a week every week, I certainly made strides to improving my health and fitness. I meal prepped consistently, kept up with fairly regular exercise and definitely improved in Pilates.
Career - I succeeded in creating a rewarding and successful role within my new job and I have been loving my career path.
Family - I definitely made progress building stronger connections with those I love around me. Particularly with friends I made a concerted effort to catch up more often and strengthen those relationships.
Education - This was off the charts because not only did I complete my masters but I graduated with distinction, a spot on the dean’s list and an invitation to an academic society. My book was successfully launched and I even taught a subject at QUT – insane.
Finances - Hmm finances are probably where I slipped a little. I moved out of home and also did a fair amount of travelling so my cost of living got a lot higher. I did manage to put a fair bit into savings though but certainly not enough for a 20% house deposit.

Now onto my 2019 New Years Resolutions and I have structured mine a little differently this year. Instead of categorising them I have set out 10 goals, each with a clear roadmap on how I will achieve them. I have been ultra-specific again just to hold myself accountable because after announcing a goal to the world there is a good pressure to achieve it that comes with that.

I also feel that between these 10 goals, I have taken a very rounded approach incorporating everything from finances, creativity, knowledge, health, education, charity, learning a language, refining my skills and basically living my best life in 2019.

1. Save House Deposit
You see this is number one because I let it slip last year. I have a savings plan in place that should leave me $25, 000 at the end of the year.

2. Painting Classes 
I have enrolled in a paining course at the Brisbane Institute of Art and will attend a weekly 3 hour long painting session. I hope to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting so that I can better express myself through my art. My main aim with this is to have fun and learn a new skill.

3. Read 40 Books
Last year I successful achieved 30 so I’ve set the stakes a little higher this time. I have a reading list I have been adding to and can’t wait to fill my mind with new ideas and theories. My primary goal with this one is to gain new knowledge and mind-expanding insights.

4. Focus on Health 
I want to be at the top of my game with everything regarding my health! Starting from the top I want to use less heat on my hair, stick to a strict skincare regimen, moisturise at least weekly, workout 3x week, eat a clean diet consisting of lots of wholesome veggies and lean protein. Mentally I want to meditate and exercise yoga daily for clarity. I have lots of little specific goals related to my health and I’m confident I’ll get there. A lot of these goals I have already achieved but I want to ensure I stick with them to become the healthiest version of myself.

5. Finish 1st Year PhD 
This is a huge one but I want to lay the groundwork and make headway in my first year of my PhD. This one is really complex to go into so I might have to explain this further in a future blog post PhD will be FULL ON.

6. Start Writing Book #2 
My aim with this goal is to write 5000 words weekly. It isn’t particularly to go in my next book but rather to see what ideas come out of my mind and how I could potentially shape a book concept by starting to write content.

7. Join a Charity / Cause 
I went through a huge soul-searching process just recently and identified that I topic close to my heart is with struggling young women. I would love to help adolescents who suffer from mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. I especially think I might be able to help those struggling with their mind-set or career paths. I have already put some feelers out and have some organisations wanting to work with me on creating awareness so I am very excited for this to kick off in 2019.

8. Learn Italian 
I would love to make some major progress this year in learning to speak Italian. It isn’t going to be easy but we will see how we go.

9. Advance Yoga Skills 
Similar to last year, I would love to improve my yoga technique and use it as a great tool for mental clarity.

10. Create a Solid Morning Routine 
In order to achieve all these goals, I identified I will need a productive morning routine that aligns me with what I want to accomplish. Yes, this really is a “goal within a goal” (I really saved the best until last lol). So, this morning routine will consist of exercise, yoga, reading, Italian lessons and writing that way I tick off my daily tasks before it’s even 9am!

Phew – so those are my goals for 2019. With any luck I’ll achieve them all and still have some energy to spare to spend time with friends and loved ones who are always the main priority.

I hope that this list may have inspired you to dream big this year and create a list of your own personal goals. Don’t forget to also create a roadmap that will lead you to your accomplishment of these resolutions.

Good luck!


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