Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Airplane Productivity + How to Get More Done in the Air

Sitting on a plane for up to 13 hours can seem like a waste but like with anything it’s really what you make of it! So, in this post we’re going to be discussing how you can make the most of your time spent up in the air. 

I’m preparing for my impending 13 hours in plane rides to and from Bali so want to set myself up for success where I use that time productively. You know, to cross off a few items on my to-do list and such. So here is a rundown of some potential things you can do on your next flight and what my itinerary is looking like.

I love feeling on top of my work so my ideal flight to a beautiful location is spent wrapping my head around what I need to get done, getting on top of important tasks and feeling clear in my mind that everything is in order.

Balance the time you are about to spend on leisure and relaxation with getting ahead in your studies. You might have an assignment you are working on or some key readings you need to get done for school. What this will look like for me is wrapping my head around the upcoming year of PhD work I will be commencing once I get back to Brisbane. I have a fair few important readings to get through as well as reviewing some outlines and templates.

I love how little distractions there are up in the air. There is literally nowhere else you can be other than sitting in your chair at that moment so procrastination can’t take hold. Your phone is also on flight mode and your inbox can’t be refreshed so no one can steal your attention away – unless it’s someone offering you food and I think we can all agree everybody got time fo dat. I write best when I feel there is nothing else I can be doing and I’m more motivated because none of my brain space is being taken up by nagging feelings of procrastinating on something else. I will definitely be getting some blog content written and also letting my creativity run free so I can write and reflect about whatever I want for no other reason than exploring what’s in my head.

As someone who is trying to read 40 books this year, I know just how hard it can be to fit in some reading time. That’s why I am bringing 2 books to Bali not only to read by the beach but to spend some solid hours of the plane ride getting through a good chunk of them. I recommend bringing 2 books so that you can swap between themes if you get tired of the book you’re reading at the time. For me I am packing 2 very complimentary books on the topic of ‘happiness’ – one from a scientific point of view and the other from a spiritual standpoint. I feel both these options will bounce off each other and add value to my reading on the topic.

Catching up on the latest flicks certainly is not a waste of time! I’m a huge believer in appreciating art in whatever forms they come in – with movies being a great example of this! Most movies go beyond just entertainment and have a lesson they are trying to teach or a new way of thinking they are trying to get across. I’m currently working my way through a ‘greatest 100 movies’ scratch off list that I have hanging in my lounge room and I am definitely making a dent in. Yes it is definitely my goal-driven and list loving nature that is making this process seriously enjoyable but honestly it has also made me step outside my comfort zone and watch a heap of movies I otherwise would have skipped over. I’m also learning my way around certain directors and what kind of styles of filming I like. This has always been a bit of a passion of mine since my first year of Uni when I did the subjects screen history and research as well as cinematography. I was also in acting school for a fair few years so the movie industry has always been a huge passion of mine.

So those are my tips on how to spend your time productively during a long-haul flight so that you land feeling super in-control of your life and ready to relax.

Just don't forget all the essential items you may need to bring to ensure a productive flight. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your laptop charger or SD card! 

Safe travels!


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