Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Behind The Desk - March 2019 - Bali, Airlie Beach, RHCP, Arctic Monkeys + Uni

Hello! Long-time no talk! After doing a whole heap of travelling last month, March has been all about settling into a routine for 2019 that is going to assist me in achieving all those huge goals I set out for this year. 

I’m so excited to sit down and recap on how my travels went and other things I’ve been up to lately! I’m divulging a detailed run-down of both Bali and Airlie Beach in upcoming features providing ‘The Ultimate Guide’ to those destinations but I’ll also be sharing a quick overview in this update. 

I spent a week in Bali with my mum and it was great to spend some quality time with her as well as a good opportunity for us both to relax from our usual insanely busy lifestyles. It involved a lot of sitting in the pool bar ordering cocktails, bulk room service, limitless massages, shopping and a bit of sight-seeing. We made it to the Monkey Forest, Ubud Rice Paddies Swing and temples. My favourite part of the whole trip was experiencing the stunning sunsets of a rich pink, purple, orange and blue sky. A more detailed rundown from the trip and my review on Bali will be posted shortly. 

No more than a couple of days after getting back from Bali, I was on a plane once again but this time with my boyfriend Josh. We organised a little Valentine’s Day escape to getaway for a few days and enjoy the Whitsundays. We basically ate our way through the beachside town, having some of the seriously best food ever! We also went on a day trip to Whitehaven beach and experienced the clearest blue waters with whitest sand I’ve ever seen. We also went on a fishing trip which was a fun and different experience for me - I loved trying something new. A more detailed rundown from the trip and my review on Airlie will also be posted shortly. 

I was so fortunate enough to see not one but TWO of my all-time favourite bands play live – and all within the same week! RHCP were incredible live, although I was a bit disappointed, they didn’t play a lot of my favourite songs and played them the next night instead. It was still a one of a lifetime experiences to see them play live considering they hadn’t been to Brisbane for the past decade. Arctic Monkeys was everything I thought they would be AND MORE! Alex Turner is truly talented and it was an incredible experience to hear the songs live that I have listened to throughout so many stages in my life. Certain songs bring back strong memories for me and take me back to different times in my life so it was cool to bring it all back and see them perform live. 

It has begun – my PhD! And HOLY MOLY I think I would be worried if I wasn’t at least a little bit frightened. I am in fact a lot frightened but I have faith in myself that I will be able to learn the necessary theory and techniques that will better equip me to carry out my research and write my thesis over the next 3 years. I’m at a huge transitioning stage here – not just because of the additional time this takes up in my schedule but just wrapping my head around what it is I’m there to do is a bit of a learning curve.  


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