Saturday, November 28, 2009


I know this is about a week late but i forgot about it.
As most of you know i dressed up as Lady GaGa for my birthday party last Saturday.
To simplify this i am going to turn it into a FOTD and OOTD.

MAC Smoulder eyeliner
MAC "Clarity" eyeshadow
MAC "Forgery" eyeshadow
MAC paintpot in "Blackground"
MAC "Black Knight" lipstick
CoverGirl "Lash Blast" mascara
Dress from Supre for $38.00

Thanks for reading!


lorien kate said...

FINALLY!! you look lovely, friken awesome!! x

Jessica Holloway said...

Ooooo your room is super cute! Room tour please? But i am more interested in your bathroom because i think that you mentioned that is where you makeup is?
You look so cute, i am super glad you finally got this up.

Mac Princess said...

Your makeup looks extroadinary

Jordy said...


Jordy said...

Um, i dont have yutube so i cant really do that...
but thank you and yes i do keep all of my makeup in my room.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Thanks, MAC is incredible!

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

Are you going to become a make up artist? Cause i am guessing thats why you have this blog?

Jordy said...

No i want to be a lawyer.
The only reason why i really have this blog is because i shop a lot and can buy lots of products. therefore i can give people reviews so that if they cant buy so many products they can pick the really good ones.
If that makes any sense??

Unknown said...

Yayyy you posted it :D I think you look amazing!!! You look just like Lady GaGa :D And as I said, perfect pick for the dress. It realllly does suit this look so well. It's like you borrowed her dress, and her makeup/makeup artist. Lol.
I hope you had a blast on your Birthday!!! :D