Friday, December 5, 2014


Summer is here; my favourite season full of beach trips, smoothies and lazing around during Christmas and university holidays.

The change in season also means switching up my products, that's why in this post I'm giving a detailed run through of my favourites. It's an all-inclusive guide to tanning, hair, nails and of course makeup in the warmer weather.

Keep on reading for details on each of these Summer essentials.

Let's start off with tanning since being bronzed and glowy in the Summer time is definitely a main essential for me. My favourite fake tanning company is Le Tan because they recently came out with a new range of green based products to achieve the perfect natural olive colour.

Le Tan Wash Off Range
What's better than having a perfect sun-kissed fake tan? Being able to wash it off and start fresh in the morning of course. The Le Tan Wash Off range provides a temporary alternative for those of us who aren't requiring a long-lasting tan. The perfect range if you have an event to go to where you want to have a salon-quality tan without the commitment of a week long bronze. Options in this collection include a spray and lotion.

Le Tan Fast Tan Range
Become instantly bronzed with these three products; Le Tan in Le Can (spray tanner), Self Tanning Lotion (cream product) and of course the foaming mousse. All of which are in the "Dark Bronze" shade due to it being my favourite green based tanning shade.

A specific product I wanted to highlight is the Wash Off  "Radiant Glow" Instant Bronzing Lotion because this is so multi-use. You can apply it on it's own for a gorgeous natural glow or over the top of your fast tan to enhance the bronze, either way you're left with a gorgeous sun kissed look ready to take on Summer.

With the new season comes new products. As we pack away our ruby red Benefit BeneTint and reach for coral blush shades, our makeup routine and the products we use change dramatically. I have mentioned a few of my favourites below but for more I have another post about Summer makeup that you can read here.

MAC "Soft and Gentle" Mineralised Skin Finish
Could I talk about this product enough or what? It seems every time the warm weather comes rolling around all I can do is blab on about this MSF, but with good reason. It was one of the first MAC Products I purchased, which goes to show how long ago that was, and despite trying numerous others since then this one remains my favourite.

MAC "Peaches" Blush
This essential is a product that I transition from Spring to Summer since it suits both seasons perfectly. It brings warmth to the face and compliments any tan. Being matte it gives you the option of going for a shine-free look or adding a highlighter for a glow. Read my full review here.

MAC "Vegas Volt"
If you are looking to make a statement then Vegas Volt is an amazing colour since it's definitely bold and eye catching. It perfectly ties into Summer with it's coral and orange undertones that look amazing against a tan. It can be seen here in my Top 5 Spring/Summer lip colours.

MAC "Sweet and Sour"
I have a hard time pulling off nudes since I'm so fair and light haired but due to the peach undertones in this stunning lipstick, I'm actually able to get away with it. I love how pastel this shade is and the flattering shine it has, not to mention it doesn't sit in those pesky cracks in your lips which is a common issue with lighter shades.

How fun is switching up your nail colours? It really gets you in the mood for whatever season you're in. Similar to how a deep burgundy compliments Autumn, neons and brights are made for the Summer time.

OPI "No Room For The Blues"
Have your nails match the ocean with these stunning blue and green hues. OPI "No Room For The Blues" is the perfect medium toned blue that is extremely wearable and looks amazing on the nails

OPI "Atomic Orange"
This shade is an intense orange that is perfect if you're looking for an eye catching and unique colour. Match it up with your Vegas Volt and be orange from head to toe, that is if you paint your toes with it of course.

Keester Black "Peach Melba"
I didn't even plan this but if you're looking to match your lip colour with your nails once more then this is a great colour match for Sweet and Sour. A beautiful pastel that requires only one coat for an opaque finish.

Want more Summer nail polish recommendations? Check out my post here talking about ten more favourites or watch the video below.

I wanted to quickly mention a couple of my favourite refreshments for the Summer time. The first being Voss Water obviously for hydration but also because the bottles are so cute, portable and perfect to add fruit to and make flavoured water. The second being Chandon since they have released this Summer inspired nautical themed bottle that is way too cute to pass up. It's literally the perfect alcoholic drink to bring to a Summer event or party as a gift to the host.

That's all for my Summer essentials in which I've covered the bases of tanning, makeup and nails. However, if you are looking for additional product recommendations for the hair then be sure to check out my full Summer Essentials video.

Thanks for reading!