Tuesday, October 20, 2015


From the creators that brought you the Bioderma Micellaire waters comes there latest release from Uriage - a thermal micellar water duo. Not only is the Micellaire water new to Uriage but the cleansing wipes are actually the first of their kind from the creators all together. 

Something interesting I found out over breakfast with the brand was that the creators behind Bioderma, Nude and Uriage were actually the first to discover the cleansing capabilities of Micellaire! Making Bioderma the original and patented technology for the top 10 formulations that no other brand can replicate. As someone who does side by side comparisons between products constantly, this is a really interesting point of difference compared to other products on the market.

Let's start off with the water which I would say is most similar to the Bioderma Hydrabio which is my personal favourite because it has an element of hydration to it. I wrote up a Bioderma MIicellaire Waters 101 post a while back which I would recommend reading to understand the point of difference between the waters. So this Uriage water soothes, moisturises and strengthens the skin barrier while also hydrating and protecting the skin against anti-free radicals. Of course it cleanses and removes your makeup like all Micellaire waters but I think the skin caring benefits it also encompasses are what makes me love this water so much. It takes the product from being simply a makeup remover to being an essential in my skincare routine because it works so well with balancing my skin. From memory the price point on this one will be around $25 making it a cheaper alternative to the Bioderma. 

Now onto the wipes - a lazy girls best friend. While Uriage aren't the absolute first to release Micellaire wipes (Garnier have recently come out with theirs) it has been in the works for a long time. The reason it took so long to get this out on the market was because Uriage prides itself on being for sensitive skin therefore hypoallergenic. Since all wipes are naturally more prone to harvesting bacteria it was difficult to create the perfect product. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I was shown this product at the breakfast - it is a god send for those who love the capabilities of Micellaire water but enjoy face wipes as a shortcut in your skincare regime. These babies are perfect for before the gym, long road trips, travelling, sweaty summer days and any other time you need a bit of refreshing. At just $9.95 for 25 wipes they are an absolute bargain.

These products will become available at the end of this month so keep your eyes peeled~at Priceline because they are not to be missed. I'm really happy to be able to get in and introduce these products to you before they even launch because I haven't been this excited over a skincare range in the longest time.

Thanks for reading!