Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Behind Social Media - The Insecurity Era


It can be so easy to compare your life to someone's highlight reel. When you're sitting at work with a headache, it's hard to not be jealous of that LA model on a romantic getaway in Paris with her hot boyfriend.

You know everyone has their own path and deals with their own struggles but it can be hard to not let it get to you at times.

When I realised this it became apparent to me that I might have some of my followers looking at my Instagram feed and thinking my life is so perfect. Well, I'm happy to report that it's really not perfect I just show the good parts on social media (because who wants to be a Debbie Downer anyway).

But for the purpose of this exercise, I thought I would give you a couple of pictures with a story behind it of what the reality was. I mean, it's nothing major - it's just life stuff that happens to everyone but could be easily overlooked because of a cute instagram filter.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't whinging and complaining about my life but rather trying to show that it's not all sunshine and rainbows all the time. Here are 6 examples...

The first picture was for the Football Gala Dinner I posted a 'Get The Look' on here. It was an awesome night but I did end up eating cheeseburgers / ice cream in the back of a cab and fell asleep with my dress on...all class. But really, I don't see anything wrong with that because it was fun. You just didn't get to see that side of things. I also woke up with the biggest headache of my life.

The second picture shows me extremely impressed with my burger the size of my head but what you didn't see was the fact that I could only get through about half because OF slipping into a food coma and feeling pretty sick for the rest of the night. Lesson learned - know your limits when eating chicken burgers.

So just before the first picture was taken at the races I had knocked over a glass and smashed it. Directly after, Maddy (my sister) knocked off another glass and it's contents ended up spraying me in a champagne shower. I'm actually laughing writing this but it's so true.

Maddy and I had SUCH a good time in Byron but the night that photo was taken I actually lost my entire wallet which presented a lot of issues. For example I had to replace all of my bank cards, my license, lost about $170 in cash (not bad for someone who never carries cash other than this occasion) and basically a whole heap of inconvenient things. It didn't ruin our trip, we still had a fantastic time. But it definitely was not a fun experience losing my wallet. You can read about the fun times we had on that trip here.

In the first picture I had just recovered from feeling seriously sick. What is this theme? I swear I'm hardly sick but apparently recently in these pictures I have been haha. So I had actually thrown up just before leaving work and was certain I was going to spend the night moping at home. By the time I made it home I was feeling a lot better and decided I was okay to make it out to catch up with some work friends. From spewing to smiling in a couple of hours - not bad for a girl with no talent (I kid).

The second picture shows what appears to be a chilled out and relaxing breakfast but really it was really something I quickly grabbed because I was starving and in-between meetings. I had just battled the traffic into the city and made it just in time to my meeting. I then forgot where I had parked since I was rushing to my first meeting and didn't take a mental note.

So there you have it, not always what you see on Instagram is exactly how it appears and those are just my normal examples of my everyday life where nothing seriously bad ever happens to me. It really makes you think of all the things people are going through that you would never guess though.

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