Monday, July 10, 2017

Get The Look - Football Gala Dinner

This Saturday just gone I swapped my usual weekend attire of living in my active wear for a black tie dress code.

Really, who doesn't like an excuse to dress up? Even if the night ends with eating cheeseburgers in the back of a cab, at least you look like you have your life together while doing so because your hair is in place. Although not the same case with my lipstick, but that's another story..

Anyway what I'm here to talk about are all the details of my outfit, hair and makeup from the night. Spoiler alert: my dress only cost me $80.


So like I mentioned previously, my dress retails for just $79.95. ShowPo is seriously a god send for online shopping because you can rely on their clothes being affordable yet great quality. This is a colour I wouldn't usually opt for but the 'mocha' shade of the dress acted as a great neutral base so that I could go all out with my accessories, hair and makeup. You can purchase the dress I wore here.

I went with a statement necklace since I wasn't wearing any other jewelry. I'm also fairly sure my ears have closed up because of my sheer laziness to put earrings in (sorry, not sorry) but I'll probably re-pierce them when I can muster the courage to let someone stick a needle through my ear. On the night I was wearing the Crystal PonPon Necklace from Totally Jewel which retails for $36 from their website. You can read more about the jewelry I was wearing here.

Since makeup is my forte I decided to go all out with a glitter eye and bright red lip - not bad for a girl who wears eye shadow once a month, if that (insert not bad for a girl with no talent joke here). I used the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette for most of the look, you can read more about the shades here. But I did use a great Australis Metallix Eyeshadow which worked as a great shimmery gold that held in place all night. You can read more about this product here. For the pop of red, I used the Julie Hewitt Rouge Noir matte red lipstick which you can read more about here. I matched the red lipstick with an equally as red nail polish from the new L'Oreal collection.

Timing worked out well on this one since I had a hair appointment booked in on the same day as the event to get my colour re-done. I let my hairdresser play around and do whatever she felt like which resulted in the above style. Different to what I would normally go for, especially because I hate hairspray with a passion, but as a one off it was a fun look. Progress report on washing out all the hairspray: we're half way there (insert Bon Jovi reference).

So that's about it for the look. A neutral dress with pops of gold and red in the makeup. I went with classic black heels and matte black for the clutch (with gold accents to compliment the bling I was wearing). Hope this has provided you with some inspiration for a formal event.

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