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The Best Content of 2018 on Weight Loss, Career, Finances, Depression / Anxiety, Productivity and Self-Love

You don’t want to miss this post – it’s like the glossary of JBS highlighting only the BEST content so far this year for weight loss, productivity, career, finances, depression / anxiety and self-love! 

We work through a lot of content together here on JBS don’t we?! Posting so regularly means it’s super easy for you to miss a post so I have gathered all my faves from the first half of 2018, categorised them, have given you a scenario in which it might help you currently and linked ya!

I got you girl - you’re bound to find some answers with whatever you’re struggling with somewhere in this plethora of content.


4 Weight Loss Hacks - Tips For Losing Weight 
Read If: You need to break through some mental blocks keeping you from leading your happiest and healthiest life. 
Concept: The saying “you never regret a Pilates class” is true on many levels. When you get to class, you pat yourself on the back for making it. When you’re in class, the endorphins kick in and you feel great. Lastly, nothing beats that post workout feeling of accomplishment. So this post is going to talk about “weight loss tips” but the plot twist is that they are achievable and sustainable long-term habit changes. Not only does this result in losing weight but it avoids yo-yo dieting where your weight will go up and down.

How to Realistically go to the Gym Everyday – 25 Classes in 30 Days 
Read If: You want to start a regular exercise routine and are struggling. 
Concept: I take you through my journey after having enrolled in a challenge with my gym to complete 25 classes in 30 days. Before you think I’m some crazy gym nut let me say this – I’m not an exercise fan and it takes me some serious motivation to get my ass to the gym normally. So this is a real girl guide on how to get your butt to the gym daily, because it ain’t easy!


Is Uni Necessary? The Argument From Both Sides 
Read If: You don’t know if you want to go to University or you’re thinking of dropping out.
Concept: It recently dawned on me that I was spending almost 40k on my masters. So while I never entertained the argument that Uni wasn't necessary because I truly saw the value I was getting out of it, it is now that I am beginning to understand the other perspective on this. As such, it seemed like an interesting idea to examine the necessity of Uni from both sides. I am going to be explaining the opinion I have had for the past 5 years about University being an essential step (at least for the career path I chose) and my experience with the value I have received from the education.

Resume Writing Tips to Stand Out and Get The Job + With Resume Examples 
Read If: You want to land the job of your dreams and revamp your resume.
Concept: So I recently scored my dream marketing job at the start of the year and it all started when I stood out with my resume. The recruitment officer said it was the most impressive resume she has ever seen. Like excuse me, what?! I imagine she sees a fair few a day as a RECRUITMENT OFFICER. I kind of felt like asking what in particular she liked but was too busy patting myself on the back. So I’ve taken to my resume that nabbed me the job with a magnifying glass to pull together some tips that could help you if you are currently curating your resume.


Why You Should Get Your Financial Sh*t Together and How To Do It 
Read If: You want to be able to financially support yourself and your lifestyle as well as have financial security behind you. 
Concept: Studies show that financial stress is comparable to actual physical pain – ain’t nobody got time fo dat. So it’s time to be the boss ass financial chick you were born to be and get your financial sh*t together - I’m going to share with you how I do it and how you can as well. I could talk about finances for ages because women taking control of their money is something I am so passionate about but I’m going to keep it to my core tips.

Boost Your Income: 4 Ways To Earn Money On The Side 
Read If: Whether you’re saving for a trip abroad, trying to pay off a mountain of credit card debt, or just want some extra cash each month to splash around. 
Concept: There are plenty of ways to boost your income and earn some extra money on the side. Of course, your options are going to depend on your situation, your skill set, and much more, but there is going to be something that works for you. Regardless of whether you want to earn a few extra dollars or thousands here are five popular options for you to consider.


How Gratitude Helps Cure Depression and Anxiety 
Read If: You’re struggling with depression and/or anxiety and want to try something new.
Concept: It might seem like a far-fetched concept to say that depression can be improved or anxiety can be helped by gratitude but it has basis that gratitude is good for your health. The meaning of gratitude put simply is making an active decision to be grateful for the good things in your life rather than focussing on the negative. "The antidote to fear is gratitude. The antidote to anger is gratitude. You can't feel fear or anger while feeling gratitude at the same time." In this post we are going to run through easy and practical ways you can practice gratitude daily.

How To Avoid Burnout and Stop Feeling Not Good Enough
Read If: No matter how much you achieve, you always feel like you should be doing more. 
Concept: Do you ever have a huge goal in mind? Something so huge that is seems unachievable…until it’s done. Then you just move on to the next thing, the next goal…without acknowledging how you succeeded in reaching the goal you just did or stopping to celebrate your accomplishment. I like to compare this to being on the money bars, swinging from success to success until you eventually fall off in an exhausted heap and have to climb your way back up again (also known as burnout).


Items Boss Babes Carry Around - Things Smart Girls Keep In Their Purse 
Read If: You want to be ready for any opportunity that comes your way whether it be sneaking in a workout, catching a lecture while on the go, spending more time reading, making business connections or taking care of your health. 
Concept: If you lead a busy lifestyle, more often than not you are probably on the go from one thing to a next. Which means you likely live out of your handbag or car – I know the struggle all too well. Which is why I'm sharing the things I carry around that boost my productivity and leave me prepared for any situation I might face.

How To Get Organised - Things to Do at the Start of Every Month 
Read If: You want to set yourself up with a routine for success, productivity and getting closer to kicking those goals you have. 
Concept: Nothing makes me happier than a new month. Purely because of the little nerdy things I do like I get to set my new monthly intentions and goals, I start a new monthly budget spreadsheet, a new monthly horoscope is released... and is that the smell of a fresh start and opportunity in the air?


Why You Should Take Yourself on Sushi Dates 
Read If: You want to become empowered, more independent and self-confident.
Concept: I went through a stage towards the end of last year where I really wanted to boost my confidence. I found the thing that made me feel most confident was being independent and what worked best for me was spending time on my own doing my own thing. My experience was the more I did on my own, the more capable I felt and this really boosted my confidence. It’s extremely empowering knowing that you don’t need anyone’s help to get things done and that you can make yourself happy.

Let’s Talk About Confidence - Heart to Heart 
Read If: You are struggling with confidence and self-love.
Concept: This year one of my resolutions was to ‘become more confident’, which is a very ambiguous goal to achieve because it makes you ask questions like “what is confidence?” and “how do you even measure confidence?” After having a conversation with the incredible life trainer (and my boyfriends sister), Carly Bell, we realised what a loaded topic “confidence” is – how it means different things to different people, how it can help or hinder your growth / success as a person and most important – how you view yourself and the world. So we decided to sit down and share with you our experience in confidence (or lack thereof) and the kinds of things we do to help us become more confident.

How To Pick Yourself Up When You Feel Unmotivated 
Read If: You constantly ask yourself ‘what’s the point?!’ and struggle to do the things you know you should be doing.
Concept: A vulnerable and honest chat with you…using my genuine real-life examples. I feel like I’m generally a really positive, upbeat person and I think that comes across here on my blog. But, I have down days and times where I lack inspiration, fall off the fitness bandwagon or am simply dealing with feeling a bit “meh”.

I hope that at least one of these blog posts have helped you with a current situation you are dealing with. My writing is guided by experiences, emotions and situations I find myself in so I imagine a lot of these topics are reflective of what you are going through also. With that being said, if there is a particular topic you would like me to write about - leave me a comment on connect with me on social @JordyCannon

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